About Us

training3Branch Marketing Resources, Inc. grew out of a need in the banking industry for an effective methodology for cross-selling branch banking services to customers. It has come to our attention that many front-line personnel are very uncomfortable in the role of a salesperson, therefore many do not attempt to go through the process.

We have literally been in hundreds of bank and credit union branch offices nationwide in all forty-eight states, and we have observed many offices that needed help in all aspects of customer service. We have devised a cross-selling training platform that trains and leads the employee with each customer contact through the cross-selling process and motivates the employee to get the job done. This Cross-Selling Manager Platform will track the employee’s progress and can serve as the instrument to reward the employee for seeing the process through.

Janet A. Miller is the President of Branch Marketing Resources and designer of the Cross-Selling Manager Platform. She has been involved her entire career with training, teaching and motivating staff and managers for community banks and credit unions, and specializes in bank branch marketing.

Branch Marketing Resources, Inc. is a full-service bank branch marketing company and is a subsidiary corporation of The Lancaster Group (TLG).