BMR Cross Selling Tool

Our Customer Solutions Tool is the missing ingredient for financial institutions to teach and train your employees to overcome the anxiety and stigma that revolves around cross-selling your services to customers when they visit your branch.

Selling does not come naturally to everyone. As of matter of fact, there are some banking employees that hate trying to cross-sell. Why do they hate selling? It is probably because they are not certain how to sell financial services. We will provide a cross-selling platform that will lead them step by step with each customer encounter. Once your employees are at ease with the cross-selling platform, they will have the process down to a science and will cross-sell your services naturally every time.

The BMR Customer Solutions Tool

  • Will manage the face to face experience with the customer
  • Will inform your customers of your services continually while they are visiting your branch offices
  • Will prompt the employee in what to say, how to say it and¬†continue to prompt the employee through the entire process
  • Will serve as a tutor for your employees to teach them how to cross-sell your services and properly utilize the platform
  • Will motivate employees to cross-sell your services while advancing through your different offered services and then reward their progress
  • Will track performance
  • Will force accountability