Mystery Shopping Services


Branch Marketing Resources offers financial institutions an opportunity to see their branch offices, tellers, customer service representatives, loan officers and managers through the eyes of the public with our Mystery Shopping Service.

As a result of periodic mystery shopping, your staff will perform at a higher level than before they were graded by one of our shoppers.  Even without incentives, after the initial shopping period and grading, employees tend to sharpen their individual performances and make more of a concerted effort toward good customer service. Our Mystery Shopping Service is completely tailored to our client’s needs and objectives.  We concentrate our questions in areas that our clients point out as critical to their business.

The following checklist includes typical grading features we look for upon our visit:

  • The attitude of the individual employees
  • Appearance of each employee
  • Employee actions such as calling the customer by name, thanking the customer for coming in and inviting the customer to come back
  • Amount of time it takes for an individual to acknowledge our presence in the office or drive-thru
  • The number of people waiting to be served
  • Amount of available parking
  • Cleanliness of office
  • Professionalism of the employees
  • Assessment of visible and available marketing materials, such as signage and brochures

The program during each shopping period utilizes four key questions designed to measure, in depth, employee responses to four product offerings as selected by the institution for that particular shopping period. These four major areas usually include current products or services, or programs being emphasized by the institution during that period and are identified by the institution for inclusion in the specifically tailored 100-point shopping guide for your institution.